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I’m not “fine”…

Do you always say I’m “fine” when people ask how you are doing?   If so, you may be sabbotaging your health and weight! Watch today’s video (it is really worth it).

Then reply to this email, directly… Continue reading

No Time? No Gym? No problem.

Want to exercise, but don’t have time or a gym available?  Well – if you have 8 minutes, this is a great little routine to get your body moving, and heart pumping.  I challenge you to do it… Continue reading

Inspiration for you. Lose weight, live healthy, and enjoy life.

Today’s video is an inspirational story that literally changed my life, along with millions of others.  Take the time at some point this week, watch it, and you will remember it forever.

I hope this infuses some inspiration into… Continue reading

Is Trail Mix healthy or not?

Do you think trail mix is good for weight loss or not?  Watch this week’s 30 second video to find out.

You might be asking what are KJs (kilojoules)?  Well they’re units of energy that we know so… Continue reading

Should you consider Yoga to lose weight?

Yoga came up about in about 5 separate conversations yesterday in my weight loss coaching calls.  Is yoga good for weight loss?

I do a few minutes almost daily, and it wakes my body up, and gets me ready… Continue reading